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木子老師 Jade Lee


李知諭 Jade Lee,台灣人,1984年生,畢業於倫敦帝國大學商學院,於金融業工作近五年時間,烘焙與藝術一直是興趣與生活的調劑,卻從未想過會有機會將兩者結合並做為正職,直到意外接觸婚禮蛋糕裝飾,發現蛋糕如畫布般有著無限可能而深受吸引,工作之餘取得Wilton與PME等蛋糕裝飾證照,並多次追隨大師們的腳步前往英美進修。目前專職於蛋糕裝飾教學並以Day off baking studio網路工作室提供客製化蛋糕訂作服務。
經歷: 政治大學地政學系、倫敦帝國大學(Imperial College London)商管碩士、蛋糕裝飾Wilton與PME Diploma、曾向英國知名蛋糕大師Peggy Porschen、糖花大師Robert Haynes、澳洲Mignon Daymond、美國Giovanna Smith學習糖花與翻糖裝飾技巧、並受邀在Peggy Porschen倫敦工作室實習、經營網路蛋糕店「木子蛋糕工作室」(Day off baking studio)任教於多個烘焙教室
2019 Cake International NEC Gold Award 英國伯明翰國際蛋糕比賽金獎
2019 San Diego Cake Show 聖地牙哥蛋糕大賽 職業組冠軍
2019 Show Me Sweets 糖花銅獎
2019 Show Me Sweets 立體蛋糕第三名
2018 OSSAS 蛋糕大賽職業組冠軍
2018 OSSAS 蛋糕大賽職業非蛋糕類冠軍
2018 OSSAS 蛋糕大賽廠商特別獎第三名
2018 SOFLO蛋糕賽職業非蛋糕類第三名
Jade found herself interested in baking since her very young age. Although she enjoyed baking a lot, it had been no more than a hobby. After graduating from Imperial College London with a business degree, Jade spent several years in the competitive banking industry. As an escape from her overwhelming work, Jade took Wilton and PME cake decorating classes on her days off. She was hooked on her first try and totally addicted to everything related to cake decorating. In order to sharpen her skills, Jade spent most of her vacations learning from the masters around the world and exploring the cutting edge techniques. Her sophisticated skills and delicate works always impressed not only her customers but also the teachers. Peggy Porschen, an award-winning cake designer in London, even invited her to have a short intern in her well-known cake parlour. Now Jade fully dedicates herself to cake career by making delicious and beautiful cakes for all occasions and also teaching cake decorating classes.